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1. Spring and Java

>> MergingSortedSpliterator []

Writing our very own Spliterator to convert List<Stream<T>> to a Stream<T> with sorted elements. Cool stuff!

>> Record Serialization in Practice []

Java records in serialization frameworks – an overview of framework support and common recipes on working with records.

>> Announcing Preview of Microsoft Build of OpenJDK []

Microsoft introduces its own OpenJDK distribution – a no-cost and LTS distribution based on OpenJDK 11.

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2. Technical & Musings

>> PodSecurityPolicy Deprecation: Past, Present, and Future []

K8S is deprecating its admission controller in 1.21 – what it is, what it does, why deprecation, and alternatives!

>> Bitemporal History []

Capturing two dimensions of time – maintaining the history of events while being able to modify them individually. An interesting read for the weekend.

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3. Comics

And my favorite Dilberts of the week:

>> Wally Not Remotely Working []

>> Title Promotion []

>> Dibert Prefers The Pandemic []

4. Pick of the Week

A whole lot (400+) of new, open-source vulnerabilities were discovered in Maven packages last year.

Have a look at the Snyk cheat sheet and go over some core pieces of advice and how to avoid Java serialization, configure your XML parsers to prevent XXE injection, and quite a bit more:

>> 10 Java Security Best Practices []

The article was written by two Java Champions, Brian Vermeer and Jim Manico, it's a quick, to-the-point read and requires no email.

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