1. Spring and Java

>> JEP 444: Virtual Threads Targeting Java 21 [openjdk.org]

Yet another preview round for Project Loom, this time in Java 21: virtual threads, thread grouping in stack traces. Good stuff coming.

>> Unleash the Power of Open Source Java Profilers: Comparing VisualVM, JMC, and async-profiler [infoq.com]

Comparing a few different profilers for Java: instrumenting vs sampling, safepoint bias, and how to use each. 

>> Introducing Bld: A New Pure Java Build System [foojay.io]

And meet Bld: a new build system that allows you to write your build logic in pure Java.

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2. Technical & Musings

>> PostgreSQL Auto Explain [vladmihalcea.com]

Let’s talk about execution plans, the difference between estimated and actual ones, and how to get slow query execution plans. 

>> An introduction to generative AI [allthingsdistributed.com]

The foundations of Generative AI and LLM, and the impact of custom silicons on the cost and execution, and energy efficiency.

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3. Pick of the Week

>> Every 7.8μs your computer’s memory has a hiccup [cloudflare.com]

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