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1. Spring

>> Preview Spring Security Test: Method Security

Spring Security 4.0 being announced makes me very excited. This first look goes into how to test secured methods – looks very clean – and the new @WithMockUser is going to be especially handy.

>> Writing Clean Tests – It Starts from the Configuration

A nuanced discussion on building out a test suite in Spring, while keeping the DRY principle in mind. If you’re working with Spring (and chances are – if you’re reading my blog – you are) – this is well worth reading.

>> Tracking Exceptions – Part 6 – Building an Executable Jar

Latest and perhaps final installment of a series I’ve been covering on the Baeldung weekly review ever since it started – building an Spring application that is going to analyze and report on logging data. This is about packaging the app.

>> Spring HATEOAS – 0.11.0 Release

Spring HATEOAS is – in my view – one of the most interesting new projects in the Spring ecosystem. It is so very cool that Spring is looking at this as a first class citizen and moving it forward – check out the new Traverson API for a high level fluent API for discovering a Hypermedia service.

>> Spring Scala based sample bean configuration

While I’m not personally doing work in Scala (I lean towards Clojure when it comes to JVM languages) – I found it interesting to see just how flexible Spring configuration has become.

2. Java

>> @OneToOne with shared primary key, revisited

A solution for a one-to-one relation with JPA 2.0. Short, useful and to the point.

>> Three-State Booleans in Java

A custom implementation of a ResultSet iterator necessary for working with the new Java 8 streams syntax. The solution is – like any other design decision – a compromise; however, understanding both sides of a compromise is usually where learning happens (at least for me) – which makes this a very nice read indeed.

3. Technology

>> UnitTest

Martin Fowler on Unit Testing. What else do you really need to know?

>> If You Can Read This, You’re SNIing

A very interesting little read about requiring SNI information or hard-failing if it’s not present. Very cool step to take, especially considering that we have ran out of IPv4 addresses last year.

4. Musings

>> Encapsulation vs Inversion of Control

One of the every once in a while posts that made me reconsider some stuff I was taking as a given. I like that.

>> Test Driven Discipline

Doing TDD is without a doubt a transformative practice for a developer. Realistically – it is also hard to stick with it.

It took me around 2 years of giving it the ol’ college try a few times until I really took the step of integrating it into my day to day. And there are still project where – for some reason or another – I don’t do it.

This article is a pragmatic view on what it means to do TDD.

Course – LS – All

Get started with Spring and Spring Boot, through the Learn Spring course:

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