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Another week, another good set of articles.

There have been a lot of articles this week, and in the interest of keeping the weekly review short as well as actually valuable, I had to make some touch choices.

On Java

=> Java 8 Friday Goodies: Lambdas and SQL

This series is consistently putting out great stuff – even if you don’t use jOOQ it’s worth reading to see how Java 8 is going to make APIs a lot better.

=> Unit Testing Private Methods

This is a good writeup answering the now – age-old problem of how to best test private methods. Nice.

=> It’s About Time

Nice in-depth article about the new Date-Time API that’s going to be out soon with Java 8. This is a bit more than a week old, but I wanted to include it anyways.

On Spring

Spring Data is making headway this week (I’m most excited about the new pagination support):


=> How I hacked Github again.

Every one of my weekly reviews has one article that you simply should not miss – and this detailed security analysis of a high security Github exploit is the one. Not necessarily because of this particular vulnerability (although this one was a perfect storm) – but because of the mindset that this puts you in when thinking about the security of your own applications.

=> Elasticsearch 101

Elasticsearch is one of those rare types of software that actually delivers – this article will provide a good and comprehensive introduction to it.

=> Distributed Performance Testing With Maven JMeter and Jenkins

This is a good tool to know – it enables properly tracking the performance of your application and actually knowing when you’re introducing a regression. All in all, it’s an easy thing to set up and run in your CI.

=> Git tips from the trenches

I know that one of these crops up every couple of months – and I was planning to skip it – but I found that I was taking notes of things to try out – which to me is a sign that it’s worth a read if you’re working with Git (if you’re still working with SVN, I think we should have a little talk).

General Musings

=> Why don’t software development methodologies work?

A balanced, non ritualistic approach to development methodologies – and a reminder that we should focus on being productive and producing good quality work and not obsess or get bogged down in any one process.

=> Code review best practices

Good pointers to get more value out of a code review. Here are another two good articles on the subject:


My plan for this review is to give you a good handful of articles to read every week – my own perspective – and filter out some of the noise.

If you have any suggestions on what I should read, to potentially include into the next review, drop me a line in the comments.

Also, if you feel that I missed a gem that came out this week, also let me know – these articles are editable at the end of the day.

Have a great week.


Course – LS – All
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Get started with Spring Boot and with core Spring, through the Learn Spring course:


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