1. Spring and Java

>> Bean Validation 2.0 Progress Report [beanvalidation.org]

The new features of the Bean Validation 2.0 definitely look promising.

>> Swift for Beans – var, let and Type Inference [knitelius.com]

Swift-like features are making their way into Java.

>> New JEP Would Simplify Java Type Variance [infoq.com]

Simplified Type Variance possibly in JDK 10.

>> Declutter Your POJOs with Lombok [sitepoint.com]

A short overview of Lombok – the Java boilerplate killer.

>> Pivotal Releases First Milestone of Next-Generation Spring Data Featuring Reactive Database Access [infoq.com]

The first milestone of the new Spring Data was already released.

It looks like it will be possible to create “reactive” repositories making use of the Spring Reactor project.

>> Hibernate Tips: Use query comments to identify a query [thoughts-on-java.org]

A quick and very practical write-up about leveraging query comments in Hibernate.

>> JDK 9 is the End of the Road for Some Features [marxsoftware.com]

Most articles focus on JDK 9 additions. This one goes through the list of features to be removed from JVM.

>> Protecting JAX-RS Resources with RBAC and Apache Shiro [stormpath.com]

Implementing a fine-grained Role-Based Access Control with Apache Shiro.

>> Flyway Tutorial – Execute Migrations using Maven [codecentric.de]

Another short write-up about doing database migrations with Flyway. This time, focusing on the maven-flyway-plugin.

>> Building Reactive Applications with Akka Actors and Java 8 [infoq.com]

It turns out you do not need to use Scala in order to be able to use Akka 🙂

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2. Technical

>> Navigating the microservice architecture pattern language – part 1 [plainoldobjects.com]

A short write-up exploring and explaining the semantics of microservices.

>> Better performance: the case for timeouts [odino.org]

A very detailed experiment showing that such basic things as timeouts can noticeably impact the performance.

>> Exploring data sets with Kibana [frankel.ch]

The title says all 🙂

>> AWS Serverless Lambda Scheduled Events to Store Tweets in Couchbase [couchbase.com]

A short tutorial showing how to use Couchbase in a tweet-fetching AWS Lambda application.

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3. Musings

>> Software Development and the Gig Economy [henrikwarne.com]

A few thoughts about the Software Development market and the direction it's heading.

>> Managing a To Do list [kylecordes.com]

>> Really Managing a To Do list [kylecordes.com]

Tips on how to effectively manage your TODOs.

>> Automate Your Documentation [daedtech.com]

How to write documentation as easy as possible 🙂

>> Collaborating with Outsiders to the Dev Team [daedtech.com]

Trying to teach developers how to live with other forms of life 🙂

>> Nights and Weekends [swizec.com]

Building something interesting in your off hours isn't supposed to be easy.

>> SyntheticMonitoring [martinfowler.com]

An explanation of the Synthetic Monitoring technique which revolves around running tests on a live system.

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4. Comics

And my favorite Dilberts of the week:

>> Secret Goals [dilbert.com]

>> Totally different [dilbert.com]

>> Work-life balance [dilbert.com]

5. Pick of the Week

>> How to do what you love and make good money [sivers.org]

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