1. Spring and Java

>> Tuning Java Applications for Low Latency on Linux [foojay.io]

It turns out that “write once, run everywhere” makes things complicated when fighting for the best performance.

>> Java Gets a Boost with the Record Pattern, Enabling More Expressive Coding [infoq.com]

Looks like Records are finally going out of Preview in JDK21.

>> Quality Outreach Heads-up – JDK 21: Sequenced Collections Incompatibilities [inside.java]

It’s incredible how such a trivial addition to a language can cause so much potential trouble.

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2. Technical & Musings

>> Working on an unfamiliar codebase [blog.frankel.ch]

Before jumping into code… draw the diagram first to understand the codebase!

>> Managing Data Residency: Concepts & Theory [foojay.io]

Data location becomes a crucial non-functional requirement – we better start thinking about it.

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3. Pick of the Week

>> Low Code Software Development Is A Lie [jaylittle.com]

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