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1. Spring and Java

>> Fumigating the IDEA Ultimate code using dataflow analysis []

A deep dive into the how code inspection in works in IntelliJ.

>> Immutable Versus Unmodifiable in JDK 10 []

An important concept to understand – an unmodifiable collection isn't necessarily immutable.

Simply put, if the contained elements are mutable, the entire collection is clearly mutable, even though the collection itself might be unmodifiable.

>> Refining redirect semantics in the Servlet API []

Unfortunately, HttpServletResponse.sendRedirect() returns HTTP 302 instead of 303, so we may need to handle that manually if we need to implement the Post/Redirect/Get pattern.

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2. Technical and Musings

>> A Hypothetical Consulting Gig []

This is how an average consulting gig might look like 🙂

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3. Comics

And my favorite Dilberts of the week:

>> Absurd Absolute []

>> Data Encapsulation []

>> Unforeseen Problems []

5. Pick of the Week

>> The Brutal Lifecycle of JavaScript Frameworks []

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