1. Spring and Java

>> What's new in Spring Data Moore? [spring.io]

Tons of new features across the board, with a strong focus on Reactive, Kotlin, and Performance.

>> JUNIT 5 And Selenium – Using Selenium Built – In ‘ PAGEFACTORY' To Implement Page Object Pattern [blog.codeleak.pl]

A great way to improve the reusability and maintainability of your test code.

>> JavaFX Tutorial: Getting started and Hello world and FXML and SceneBuilder and Basic layouts and Advanced layouts [vojtechruzicka.com]

And a new, fast-paced series to get you up and running quickly with JavaFX.


Also worth reading:


Webinars and presentations:


Time to upgrade (all Spring):

2. Technical and Musing

>> ONBUILD, the overlooked Docker directive [frankel.ch]

A great way to reduce the size of your Dockerfile down to a single directive.

>> Let’s Put Some Dignity Back into Finding Software Work [daedtech.com]

The problem with the technical interview process and why we can't seem to get away from it.


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3. Comics

>> Garbage Man Breaks Fourth Wall [dilbert.com]

>> Lifestyle Disagreer [dilbert.com]

>> Lucky Sales Guy [dilbert.com]

4. Pick of the Week

The “State of Java” 2019 survey results are finally out: 

>> The State of Java in 2019

Some really interesting numbers this year, especially around Spring Boot, Java 8 and Kotlin.

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