1. Spring and Java

>> JEP 406: Pattern Matching for switch (Preview) [openjdk.java.net]

Patterns meet switch expressions – the proposal to use pattern matching on switching cases!

>> A (definitive?) guide on LazyInitializationException [blog.frankel.ch]

Taming lazy entity associations – introducing solutions such as eager relationships, OSIV, DTOs, Hibernate Hydrate, fetch join, and entity graphs.

>> Performance of running Spring Boot as AWS Lambda functions [arnoldgalovics.com]

Productivity vs performance: comparing Spring Boot with vanilla Java in a serverless configuration. Good stuff.

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2. Technical

>> SQL Server deadlock trace flags [vladmihalcea.com]

Hunting down deadlock causes in SQL server – taking advantage of trace flags and error logs for root cause analysis!

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3. Musings

>> Disconnecting From Work is a Skill We Need to Rebuild [morethancoding.com]

Tips for improving productivity and creativity by getting disconnected from work!

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4. Comics

And my favorite Dilberts of the week:

>> Dogbert Crisis Consultant [dilbert.com]

>> Cut Pay For No Commute [dilbert.com]

>> Reschedule The Zoom Call [dilbert.com]

5. Pick of the Week

>> Why Most Programmers End Up Being (or Are) Underperforming Technical Leads [betterprogramming.pub]

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