Java Weekly, Issue 241

This edition is chock full of advice for getting more out of your logs, plus an interesting piece on simulating localization to strengthen your UI development. >>>

Java Weekly, Issue 240

Good writeups on testing microservices this week, while several Spring projects get new releases. And Eclipse users will be excited about the Photon release. >>>

Java Weekly, Issue 239

An excellent write-up on garbage collection, and a set of strategies for zero-downtime schema updates that you won’t want to miss. A good week. >>>

Java Weekly, Issue 238

This week, a lot of low-level stuff, Graal, evolution of caching at Netflix, and basics of Garbage Collector optimization. >>>

Java Weekly, Issue 237

Some great writeups this week on JPA and Hibernate, using Spring Boot in the GraalVM, and an engineering approach to testing distributed systems. A good week. >>>

Java Weekly, Issue 236

Some great writeups this week, as ACID transactions arrive in Spring Data MongoDB, plus a brief look at a clever language for achieving attribute-based access control in Spring Security. >>>

Java Weekly, Issue 235

A wide range of topics in the Java ecosystem, from speeding up JPA associations to distributed tracing, and a peek at the evolution of value types. A good week. >>>

Java Weekly, Issue 234

Busy week for upgrades, especially in the Spring ecosystem, plus a cool write-up on a fast and lean Java collections library. >>>

Java Weekly, Issue 233

Interesting Java 10 functionality as well as notes on what’s happening with Jakarta EE, plus Zuul 2 finally being open sourced. A good week all around. >>>

Java Weekly, Issue 232

Starting with DB-centric design, through the new JDK 9 and 10 Collection improvements and finishing up with how to store credentials correctly – good stuff overall. >>>

Java Weekly, Issue 231

This week, migrating from Java to Kotlin and to Java again, exploring Spring Boot testing, and reinventing the calendar. >>>

Java Weekly, Issue 230

This week, a lot of Docker-related write-ups, and a cool piece about the importance of experience diversity provided by engaging in side-projects. >>>

Java Weekly, Issue 229

This week, Spring Boot 2.0 and metrics, a deep insight into Gradle performance testing, and a cool write-up about problems related to running Java in Docker. >>>