Java Web Weekly, Issue 146

This week is all about Hibernate it seems, with some great JavaOne roundups and talks and a solid writeup on microservices. >>>

Java Web Weekly, Issue 145

Lots of improvements coming to Java 9, Mockito 2 is finally out as well a Zuul proxy goodness to play with. A good week overall. >>>

Java Web Weekly, Issue 144

This week is all about reactive – both in the upcoming Spring 5, but also RxJava and Reactor 3. A very interesting week, full of solid writeups. >>>

Java Web Weekly, Issue 143

Java 9 is officially delayed, we have a new schedule for Java EE 8 as well, and also lots of cool stuff coming out of JavaOne. >>>

Java Web Weekly, Issue 142

New info about Java EE, an insightful breakdown of Java framework usage and an all to real look at how Eclipse is doing in 2016 (not great). >>>

Java Web Weekly, Issue 141

A packed week starting with a deep-dive into Java 9, lots of SpringOne talks, a solid writeup on ElasticSearch tuning and a piece about troubleshooting >>>

Java Web Weekly, Issue 140

A packed list of great writeups this week, with a clear focus on security, a great JUnit 5 cheat sheet and some Java 8 collectors goodness. >>>

Java Web Weekly, Issue 138

At the very beginning of last year, I decided to track my reading habits and share the best stuff here, on Baeldung. Haven’t missed a review since. Here we go… 1. Spring and Java >> Oracle Unveils Plan to Revamp Java EE 8 for the Cloud [infoq.com] The plans Oracle has for the Java EE […] >>>

Java Web Weekly, Issue 137

A relaxed week after SpringOne, but still chock full of goodness with the new plans for Spring 5, a solid analysis of the code of reflection among other things. >>>

Java Web Weekly, Issue 136

An packed week starting with Hibernate advice and SpringOne and wrapping up with technical debt and the impact it can have on teams. >>>

Java Web Weekly, Issue 134

The Java “State of the Union”, a look at JUnit 5 and some cool notes on reactive programming – quite an interesting week. >>>