Learn Spring Data JPA

Master Spring Data JPA and boost your productivity with a modern persistence framework

Why Choose the Spring Ecosystem for Persistence?

One of the main goals of Spring has always been to increase developer productivity, and the Spring Data project is certainly no exception. 

The framework has native support for the standards in the Java ecosystem – JPA/Hibernate, among a multitude of other persistence technologies.

Spring Data JPA sits on top of JPA and simplifies common data access operations, while also enhancing the JPA support with new, powerful functionalities.

All this makes Spring Data JPA a great choice for building a powerful, yet clean persistence layer, while minimizing boilerplate code.

Learn Spring Data JPA through Practical Examples

And, while the Spring ecosystem is quite large and moving fast, the core persistence functionality is actually super stable.

Learning Spring Data means – learning the framework that sits on top of JPA and Hibernate and builds on both of these with Spring-centric functionality.

Of course, we’ll start by understanding the how and why of Spring Data, then look into the best use of its features to quickly build a strong data access layer.

After teaching more than 7000 students in my other courses, I’m creating this material to round out your Spring knowledge with Spring’s JPA persistence framework.

Learn Spring Data JPA, step by step

In each module, you’ll be building actual code. The lessons go over the theory and follow up with practical code examples.

This is also my first text-based course. Not doing video on this one from the start will be a great way to open up the material much sooner and also make it my very first course priced close to 100$. 

Each of the 2 classes below feature a different level of education:

The Master Class

The material goes over the most popular Spring Data JPA features, while diving into the inner-workings of the framework.


The 6 modules focus on the core aspects of the framework, from generating repositories to custom queries, pagination, auditing and more, while using Spring and Spring Boot.

The Certification Class

This class is simple – it contains the full material from the Master Class, plus multiple-choice questions after each lesson – to make sure you fully understand the material. When you’re done, you’ll get a “Certificate of Completion” for the course.

Actual coding practice through a real-world project – is the best way to learn a complex framework such as Spring Data JPA

Practice by Coding

The lessons start with the fundamentals of how Spring Data works and generating simple repositories, and quickly guide you through the more advanced features of the framework.

I’m Eugen, and I’ll be your instructor throughout this course.

I’ve worked in the Java ecosystem for well over a decade now, and with JPA for almost as much. With the advent of Spring Data, I’ve seen how much cleaner JPA implementations can now be.

The lessons here come out of that experience, with a very simple goal – to guide you through Spring’s flagship persistence framework – Spring Data JPA. Of course, you’ll need to code along with the lesson, each step of the way. The lessons and exercises are your reference to come back to whenever you need them.

The Master Class

The canonical reference for learning Spring Data JPA with Spring Boot. The 6 modules cover everything from the basic configuration, creating repositories, customizing queries, and using native SQL. Simply put, the core functionality you need to create your persistence layer.

In addition to the core aspects, we’ll also look at more advanced features like projections, specifications, auditing and events, to make full use of the framework.

Everything I wish I had access to when I built my first persistence project with Spring.

1. Getting Started with Spring Data

3 LESSONS (Text) ~ 1.5 HOURS

  1. The Java Persistence Ecosystem
  2. Overview of Spring Data JPA (preview lesson)
  3. The Persistence Project We’re Building (2 parts)

2. Spring Data Repositories

7 LESSONS (Text) ~ 3.5 HOURS

  1. Spring Data JPA Setup
  2.  Introduction to Spring Data JPA Repositories
  3. Derived Query Methods
  4. Deep Dive Into Derived Query Methods 
  5. Spring Data JPA Save Methods
  6. Spring Data JPA Delete Methods
  7. Testing Spring Data Repositories (preview lesson)

3. Spring Data Custom Queries with JPQL and native SQL

5 LESSONS (Text) ~ 4 HOURS

  1. Using @Query
  2. Using @Query with Parameters
  3. @Modifying Queries (preview lesson)
  4. Named Queries
  5. Returning a Custom Object from a Query

4. Pagination and Sorting

5 LESSONS (Text) ~ 4 HOURS

  1. Pagination and Sorting Support
  2. Sorting
  3.  Sorting with @Query
  4. Pagination (preview lesson)
  5. Using Pagination in Controllers (2 parts)

5. Alternate Querying Methods

3 LESSONS (Text) ~ 2 HOURS

  1. Building Queries with Specifications
  2. Using Query by Example
  3. Query DSL

6. Advanced Features

5 LESSONS (Text) ~ 3.5 HOURS

  1. Custom Methods in Repositories
  2. Spring Data and Transactions
  3. Domain Events (preview lesson)
  4. Auditing
  5. Entity Graphs

The Certification Class

This Class contains the same material as the Master Class, but goes beyond the core material with:

Of course, if you have any questions about the material, ping me directly here, on chat, or over email.

~19 Hours

The lessons in this course are text-based, with a full project backing each one.

Master Class

Learn the Spring Data JPA Framework with the full 6 in-depth modules
  • All 6 Modules
  • 28 Lessons
  • -
  • -
  • -

Certification Class

This Class includes the Master Class material, exercises, and the Certificate of Completion
  • All 6 Modules
  • 28 Lessons
  • + Exercises in Each Lesson
  • + Certificate of Completion
  • -

Learn Spring Data JPA + Learn Spring - Certification Class

Get started with Spring and Spring Data JPA from scratch
  • All 15 Modules
  • 73 Lessons
  • + Exercises in Each Lesson
  • + Full Downloads for All Videos
  • + Certificate of Completion
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I believe strongly in the quality of the course material to teach you the fundamentals of coding in Spring. I’ve put a lot of work and care into these lessons and hope you’re going to use it fully and up your Spring game.

I confidently back all classes with a 20-Day Money Back Guarantee. I want you to dive in deep and experience the full wealth of this resource without hesitation.

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