Learn Spring and Spring Boot

from no experience to actually building stuff

What makes Spring so popular?

Spring is, by far, the most popular framework for application development in the Java ecosystem. By a wide margin. The reason is actually quite simple – it does a lot of things right, and it’s getting better and better with each release.

There aren’t a lot of technologies with the kind of wide reach, stability and maturity of Spring, that still move fast and innovate. That’s a really tough balance to hit, and Spring has been hitting it for over a decade.

Today, Spring, along with Boot, is a polished, modern and highly expressive framework, easily passing the Twitter test. That’s where you can actually fit useful functionality into a single tweet 🙂

So, the popularity of the Spring ecosystem is well deserved. If you’re working in Java, you’re very likely doing work with Spring.


Learn Spring through video, with an actual project

And, while the Spring ecosystem is quite large and moving fast, the core functionality is actually super stable.

Learning Spring means – learning the core, Spring MVC, persistence, the basics of Spring Security. These are the foundations and, like all good foundations, they’re stable and well established.

Simply put, there’s never been a better time to learn and practice and improve your Spring foo in a guided way, coding along with me through each video lesson here.

After teaching more than 4000 students in my other courses, I’m creating this material with a simple goal in mind – to help you get started with Spring and Spring Boot.

Learn Spring, step by step

In each module, you’ll be building actual code. The video is there to carefully show you how to understand a single aspect of Spring by using it in practice.

Each of the 2 classes below feature a different level of education:


The Master Class

The material is meant to take you from literally no Spring experience to having a real-world, solid grasp of the basics of the framework.

Simply put, at the end, you’ll be able to actually build stuff with Spring.

The 9 in-depth modules focus on the core aspects of the framework today, in 2024, with Spring and Boot, not looking back at the XML days of Spring.


The Certification Class

This class is simple – it contains the full material from the Master Class, plus downloads and multiple-choice questions – to help you get the most out of the material. When you’re done, you’re going to get a “Certificate of Completion” for the course.

Video, along with actual coding practice through a real-world project – is the best way to learn a complex framework such as Spring

Learn by Coding

The lessons start with the fundamentals of building a simple but practical application with Spring and quickly guide you through having the tools to navigate your way through the framework well.

My name is Eugen, and I’ll be your instructor through the course.

I’ve worked in the Java ecosystem for well over a decade now, and in that time, I’ve built and led teams through quite a number of Spring implementations. And of course I’ve been teaching and writing about Spring throughout all of that time.

The lessons here come out of that experience, with a very simple goal – to get you super comfortable with Spring and with Boot. You can’t do that by just watching videos – you’ll need to code, along with me, each step of the way. The videos and the multiple-choice questions are your reference to come back to whenever you need them.


This course is focused on the foundations of the Spring and Boot.

These are critical to move forward, understand the more advanced aspects of the framework and build more complex systems.


Beyond the basics have a look at “REST With Spring” – as that goes a lot further into Spring and into building a full-fledged application.

The Master Class

The canonical reference for getting started with Spring and Spring Boot. The 9 modules cover everything from the creation of the application to working with beans, project configuration, persistence and using Web MVC. Simply put, the basics of Spring and Boot.

In addition to the detailed guides on implementation, you’ll also look at the full flexibility of the framework and get started with AOP, the reactive programming model and Spring Security.

Everything I wish I had access to when I built my first Spring application.

1. Getting Started With Spring

6 LESSONS (6 Video) ~ 1.5 HOURS

  1. Why Spring? 
  2. Understanding the Full Spring Ecosystem
  3. Introducing Spring Boot 
  4. A Simple Development Environment
  5. The Real-World Project We’re Building 
  6. Maven and Spring

2. Dependency Injection and the Spring Context

10 LESSONS (5 Video + 5 Text) ~ 3.5 HOURS

  1. What Is DI and How Does It Work in Spring? 
  2. The Basics of Java Configuration and the Spring Context 
  3. Defining Beans, Component Scanning and Bean Annotations 
  4. Lifecycle of a Bean – Init and Destroy Hooks 
  5. Simple Wiring and Injection (2 parts)
  6. Exploring the Scopes of Spring Beans (text)
  7. The BeanPostProcessor and BeanFactoryPostProcessor (text)
  8. The Spring Application Context (text)
  9. Spring Wiring – @Resource and @Inject (text) 
  10. Debugging and Solving Wiring Exceptions (text)

3. Project Configuration

8 LESSONS (5 Video + 3 Text) ~ 3 HOURS

  1. Working with Properties
  2. Working with Profiles in Spring
  3. Logging in a Spring Boot Project – the Right Way
  4. Deploying the Boot Application via the IDE
  5. The Spring Testing Framework (preview part 1)
  6. Working with @PropertySource (text)
  7. Spring Boot Default Properties (text)
  8. Deploying the Boot Application – Other Options (text)

4. Deep Dive Into Spring Boot

3 LESSONS (2 Video + 1 Text) ~ 1 HOUR

  1. Spring Boot Auto-Configuration 
  2. Actuators in Boot (preview lesson)
  3. Actuators in Boot – Custom Health Indicator (text) 

5. Persistence and Data Access

7 LESSONS (4 Video + 3 Text) ~ 3 HOURS

  1. Project Persistence with Spring Data JPA 
  2. Beyond the Default Repository 
  3. Pagination and Sorting 
  4. Spring with JPA and Hibernate
  5. Transactions in Spring (text)
  6. Intro to the JdbcTemplate – theory (text)
  7.  Intro to the JdbcTemplate – implementation (text)

6. Web Basics and Spring MVC

6 LESSONS (5 Video + 1 Text) ~ 2 HOURS

  1. What is MVC and Spring MVC 
  2. Expanding our First Controller (preview lesson) 
  3. An MVC-style application vs a REST API
  4. Decouple the Controller from Entities 
  5. Testing with Boot
  6. Servlets and the DispatcherServlet (text) 

7. Templating Engines and Spring MVC

5 LESSONS (4 Video + 1 Text) ~ 1.5 HOURS

  1. Views, View Resolvers and Templating Engines (2 parts)
  2. A Full Create Operation with Thymeleaf
  3. The Basics of Form Validation 
  4. Spring MVC with the FreeMarker Template Engine 
  5. Spring MVC with the Mustache Template Engine (text)

8. Building a REST API

7 LESSONS (3 Video + 4 Text) ~ 2.5 HOURS

  1. Controller Basics (2 parts)
  2. Controllers and Request/Response (text)
  3. Controllers and URLs – The @PathVariable Annotation (text)
  4. Controllers and URLs – The @RequestParam Annotation (text)
  5. Exception Handling in the API (2 parts)
  6. Intro to the RestTemplate
  7. Intro to the HTTP Message Converters in Spring MVC (text)

9. Advanced Features in Spring

9 LESSONS (4 Video + 5 Text) ~ 4 HOURS

  1. An Intro to AOP in Spring 
  2. Spring AOP in Practice (text)
  3. The Spring Expression Language (SpEL)
  4. Working with Events and Listeners 
  5. The New Reactive Paradigm in  Spring
  6. Introduction to Spring Security (text)
  7. Spring Security Authorization (text)
  8. Spring Proxies (text)
  9. Spring Boot with Docker (text) 

The Certification Class

This Class contains the same material as the Master Class, but goes beyond the core material with:

  • multiple-choice questions in each lesson to make sure you fully understood the material
  • a Certificate of Completion (example)
  • the download ability for all video lessons – to help you learn offline

Of course, if you have any questions about the material, ping me directly here, on chat, or over email.

~22 Hours


Master Class

Get started with the Spring Framework with the full 9 in-depth modules
  • All 9 Modules
  • 47 Video Lessons
  • -
  • -
  • -

Certification Class

This Class includes the Master Class material, exercises, downloads and the Certificate of Completion
  • All 9 Modules
  • 47 Video Lessons
  • + Exercises in Each Lesson
  • + Full Downloads for All Videos
  • + Certificate of Completion

Learn Spring + Learn Spring Data JPA - Certification Class

Get started with Spring and Spring Data JPA from scratch
  • All 15 Modules
  • 73 Video Lessons
  • + Exercises in Each Lesson
  • + Full Downloads for All Videos
  • + Certificate of Completion

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I believe strongly in the quality of the course material to teach you the fundamentals of coding in Spring. I’ve put a lot of work and care into these lessons and hope you’re going to use it fully and up your Spring game.

I confidently back all classes with a 20-Day Money Back Guarantee. I want you to dive in deep and experience the full wealth of this resource without hesitation.

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