A Guide to OkHttp

1. Introduction In this article, we’ll show the basics of sending different types of HTTP requests, receiving and interpreting HTTP responses, and how to configure a Client with OkHttp. Also, we’ll go into more advanced use cases of configuring a client with custom headers, timeouts, response caching, etc. 2. OkHttp Overview OkHttp is an efficient […] >>>

Intro to Feign

This article introduces Feign, a declarative HTTP client that simplifies implementation and maintaining efforts >>>

HttpClient 4 Tutorial

Comprehensive Guide to the Apache HttpClient – start with basic usage and make your way though the advanced scenarios. >>>

Posting with HttpClient

How to POST with HttpClient 4 – from a basic request, to authentication, multipart requests, uploading files and tracking the progress of long running operations. >>>

HttpAsyncClient Tutorial

HttpAsyncClient Tutorial – send a basic GET request, use the multi-threaded client, set up the client with SSL as well as with a proxy, and finally – do authentication. >>>