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I just announced the new Spring Boot 2 material, coming in REST With Spring:


The Spring Framework started as a Dependency-Injection container and grew into a full, rich and mature ecosystem.

If you’re just starting out with Spring – here’s where you go get started:


The Basics of Spring

>> Intro to Building an Application with Spring Boot

See how to bootstrap and test a simple Spring Boot application.

>> Spring Core Annotations

Explore the most commonly used Spring core annotations.

>> Spring Bean Annotations

Learn how and when to use the standard Spring bean annotations

>> Constructor Injection in Spring

Learn the basics of Constructor Injection in Spring.

>> Guide to @Autowired Annotation in Spring

Learn how to perform dependency injection using the @Autowired annotation in Spring.

>> NoSuchBeanDefinitionException in Spring

See how to prevent and recover from the NoSuchBeanDefinitionException in Spring.

>> Profiles in Spring

How to define and use Profiles in Spring. The 4 ways to enable profiles and their precedence. And a real-world example using profiles.

>> Properties with Spring and Spring Boot

Learn how to define and use custom profiles in Spring and Spring Boot.


Spring for the Web

>> @RequestMapping in Spring

A quick guide to the @RequestMapping annotation in Spring.

>> The Spring @Controller and @RestController Annotations

Learn about the differences between @Controller and @RestController annotations in Spring MVC.

>> Spring’s RequestBody and ResponseBody Annotations

Learn about the Spring @RequestBody and @ResponseBody annotations.

>> Spring MVC Tutorial

Spring MVC configuration – both Java and XML – on a simple Spring MVC project.

>> Spring MVC Form Tutorial

See how to create forms using Spring MVC.

>> Model, ModelMap, and ModelView in Spring MVC

Learn about the interfaces Model, ModelMap and ModelView provided by Spring MVC.


Spring for Persistence

>> Bootstrapping Hibernate 5 with Spring

A quick and practical guide to integrating Hibernate 5 with Spring.

>> Introduction to Spring Data JPA

Introduction to Spring Data JPA with Spring 4 – the Spring config, the DAO, manual and generated queries and transaction management.

Spring bottom

I just announced the new Spring Boot 2 material, coming in REST With Spring: