The way we work with a Partner on a Content Campaign is very similar to the way we work on our own content. 

In simple terms, we only publish technical deep dives, practical and to the point, just like our standard articles. 


Most often, we’re working on a series, but we have published single articles for a Partner before as well. 


Content and Editorial Process

We’ll naturally start with a discussion about the focus and the first topic of our articles. 
Once we know our topic, we’ll engage our author team, usually our top 20 authors (out of the 200+ authors on the platform), and we’ll explore and see who’d be the best fit to take on the article. 
The author will work with their Editor, Senior Editor and Copy Editor, and, of course, with the Partner to write each article. 
A typical high-level workflow progression will look like this:
  • Author is assigned
  • Article outline + Partner review
  • Initial Research and Preparation (2 weeks)
  • Our Full Internal Content Process (4 weeks)
  • Submission + Partner review
  • Incorporating Partner feedback
  • Go-live and Publishing
  • Promotion Phase


Usually, our full timeline for the first article is around 6 weeks.
Each subsequent article in the series will take about 4 weeks.
Of course, this can vary based on our discussion with Partner and the complexity of the topics.

On to the Partner review, we have up to two weeks allocated for that feedback.


Budget Info

The budget for an article in the campaign always depends on the  scope and length of the content:

  • small writeup (~750 w) – $2500
  • medium writeup (~1000 w) – $2900
  • large writeup (1250+ w) – $3200
  • pillar content (1500+ w) – $3500

The typical article will be ~1250 words. 


A good but less used option (with a lower budget) is to onboard a developer from the Partners team to be the author. They’ll follow the same process of working with our editorial team. 


When an author from the Partner team works with our editorial team to write the articles, the budgets are naturally lower. 


Article Examples

Here’s some of our published series:

Article Promotion

Once an article goes live, we go forward to the promotion phase, which runs for a month after go-live. 
We’ll naturally use all of our Social Media channels as well as internal channels – such as the main menu, the homepage, and contextually on all relevant articles for the topic (we’ll run a full NPI campaign). 
Here are a few quick examples of what the promotion process looks like: 

Article Promotion Traffic Information

We’re keeping on track the results of each Partner article promotion.

Particularly, we’re getting the total page views of each article on the site.

Here is a quick sample traffic report for 2023.