What is NPI?

A Native Product Integration (NPI) campaign is focused on displaying a targeted partner message on very specific pages on the site. 

The message typically appears before the article starts and looks more or less like this: 

The metrics we track are relatively simple – the number of impressions the message gets, and the number of clicks. 


The Targeting

We typically target an NPI campaign as accurately as possible – which usually leads to low impression volume and very good CTRs.

Often, a campaign will target a single, specific tag on the site as that will be the only highly relevant tag for that particular product/service.

For example, a product that’s focused on:

Of course, some tags and categories are small and highly targeted, some are in the middle, and some are broader and allow the campaign to scale up.
You can always reach out and ask about the size of these to better understand your targeting options.


Here are a few practical examples of Native  Product Integration campaigns on the site:


Typical Results

The results of an NPI campaign will vary based on a number of factors: 

  • how specific is the targeting
  • how much A/B testing we’ve done with the message
  • how well the product resonates with the Baeldung audience

A typical result for a small campaign, targeting a single, small tag with, for example, ~60K impressions/month and a CTR of ~0.8% – will result in a delivery of ~500 clicks/month.

Here are the example results of our Partners’ NPI campaigns:

Sample Campaign and Report

Finally, here’s a quick example, let’s look at a recent Kubernetes-focused campaign.
This was a small and targeted campaign, only focused on our Kubernetes content. Because of this precise targeting, we had a limited number of impressions available, so we wanted to run the campaign for a few months.

As a quick overview:

  • we delivered 100K impressions
  • and 600 clicks

Here’s what a detailed look at the results looks like. 

Notice we ran two small campaigns there, for tihs partner – one with mid-level targeting and one a higher level of targeting. 

Budget info

The budget depends on a single factor – the traffic of the article where we’re adding the section. More concretely, the CPM varies from $1.1 to  $1.4.


So, for example, let’s say we need to run a 6-month campaign for a security testing product.

We’ll focus the campaign on the intersection of the Testing and Security audiences; because that targeting is quite highly targeted, it’s also relatively small. 


Within this example, we may use a CPM of ~$1.3 on the campaign and deliver about ~200 clicks/month, resulting in a budget of $1,500 for our 6-month campaign.