Ratpack with Groovy

Ratpack is a set of lightweight Java libraries for building scalable non-blocking HTTP applications. We explore building a Ratpack service in Groovy.

Introduction to Ratpack

Learn how to use Ratpack, a set of JVM based libraries built for modern days high-performance web applications.

Guide to Resilience4j

Learn how to use the most useful modules from the Resilience4j library to build resilient systems.

Introduction to GraphQL

Learn about GraphQL – a query language that provides an easy way of minimizing complexity between client/server as an alternative approach to REST applications.

Java Web Weekly, Issue 153

Reactive is slowly becoming mainstream (both in and outside of Spring), proper logging is more important than ever and AWS is launching a host of new instance types.

Java Web Weekly, Issue 115

The details of Spring IO are out, Java 10 might be getting a significant syntax upgrade and the talks that have come out this week are quite interesting. Not too shabby.

Java Web Weekly Issue 107

Cool writeups this week – from a deep dive into less known nuances of the Java Stream API, through JPA focused test-cases for Hibernate and productivity tips.

Java Web Weekly 45

This week was focused on Java 9 and persistence, with a few solid releases layered in.

Java Web Weekly 40

A lot of Spring goodness this week, along with a few strong Ops pieces on orchestrating a deployment for a microservice architecture, or opening up log data.

Baeldung Weekly Review 8

HTTP 2 is final – the big news of this week (it has been a while since the last one). Also – some cool deep dives into the JVM and Hibernate.

Baeldung Weekly Review 7

A busy week for the Spring ecosystem, with Spring 4.2 getting closer and closer. A discussion about timezones as well – what more do we need?