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Spring MVC provides tools driving both typical web applications as well as REST APIs.

Let’s jump right in.


Basic Concepts in Spring MVC

>> Spring MVC Tutorial

Starting at the top – this is a simple Spring MVC tutorial showing how to set up a Spring MVC project, both with Java-based configuration, as well as with XML-based configuration.

>> A Guide to the ViewResolver

A simple tutorial showing how to set up the most common view resolvers and how to use multiple ViewResolvers within the same configuration.

>> Getting Started with Forms

We have a look at Spring forms and data binding to a controller.

>> Introduction to Using Thymeleaf in Spring

Thymeleaf is a templating language with excellent integration with Spring.

This article provides an introduction to using Thymeleaf in a Spring MVC application.

>> Model, ModelMap, and ModelView

We look at the use of the core org.springframework.ui.Model, org.springframework.ui.ModelMap and org.springframework.web.servlet.ModelView classes.

>> Spring Web Annotations

Explore the main annotations you can use to handle HTTP requests and responses in Spring MVC.

>> The @ModelAttribute Annotation

We demonstrate the usability and functionality of the annotation, through a common concept: a form submitted from a company’s employee.

>> @RequestMapping in Spring

A quick guide to the @RequestMapping annotation in Spring.

>> The Spring @Controller and @RestController Annotations

Learn about the differences between @Controller and @RestController annotations in Spring MVC.

>> Spring’s RequestBody and ResponseBody Annotations

Learn about the Spring @RequestBody and @ResponseBody annotations.


Intermediate Concepts in Spring MVC

>> Spring MVC Setup with Kotlin

Here, we take a look at what it takes to create a simple Spring MVC project with the Kotlin language.

>> Serve Static Resources with Spring

How to map and handle static resources with Spring MVC – use the simple configuration, then the 3.1 more flexible one and finally the new 4.1 resource resolvers.

>> Returning Custom Status Codes from Spring Controllers

This article demonstrates two ways to return custom HTTP status codes from Spring MVC controllers: using ResponseEntity and using exceptions.

>> Content Negotiation

How to implement the content negotiation in a Spring MVC project.

>> Introduction to HandlerInterceptor

We introduce the Spring MVC HandlerInterceptor and show how to use it properly.

>> File Upload

Here, we focus on what Spring offers for multipart (file upload) support in web applications.

>> Returning Image/Media Data

We illustrate how to return images and other media using the Spring MVC framework.

>> Custom Validation

We create a custom validator to validate a form with a phone number field, then show a custom validator for multiple fields.

>> The HttpMediaTypeNotAcceptableException

We have a look at the HttpMediaTypeNotAcceptableException exception and see cases where we might encounter it.

>> Custom Error Pages

In this tutorial, we set up customized error pages for a few HTTP error codes.

>> A Custom Data Binder

Here, we show how we can use Spring’s Data Binding mechanism in order to make our code more clear and readable by applying automatic conversions.

>> HandlerAdapters

We focus on the various handler adapters implementations available in the Spring framework.

>> Form Validation with AngularJS

We have a look at implementing client-side validation of form input using AngularJS and server-side validation using the Spring MVC framework.

>> Quick Guide to Spring MVC with Velocity

We focus on using Velocity with a typical Spring MVC web application.

>> Introduction to Using FreeMarker in Spring MVC

How to configure FreeMarker for use in Spring MVC as an alternative to JSP.

>> Apache Tiles Integration with Spring MVC

In this article, we integrate Apache Tiles with Spring MVC.


Advanced Concepts in Spring MVC

>> Upload and Display Excel Files

We demonstrate how to upload Excel files and display their content in a web page using the Spring MVC framework.

>> Servlet 3 Async Support with Spring MVC and Spring Security

We focus on the Servlet 3 support for async requests, and how Spring MVC and Spring Security handle these.

>> Cachable Static Assets

We dive into caching static assets (such as Javascript and CSS files) when serving them with Spring MVC.

>> A Quick Guide to Matrix Variables

We show how we can simplify complex GET requests that use either variable or optional path parameters inside the different path segments of a URI.

>> Using a Custom Handler Interceptor to Manage Sessions

Quick and practical guide to session management with Spring MVC’s HandlerInterceptor.

>> Spring MVC + Thymeleaf 3.0: New Features

We discuss new features of Thymeleaf 3.0 in Spring MVC with Thymeleaf application.


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Finally announcing a new course. The Early Bird Price of the upcoming “Learn Spring” course will permanently increase by $50 on Friday: