Java Weekly, Issue 202

We’re starting to talk about Java 10, Spring Boot 2 is almost here, and Hibernate is just as popular. An interesting week in the Java ecosystem.

Java Weekly, Issue 199

This week was focused on migration guides (Java 9, Microservices). Also, some interesting presentations on RxJava and the blockchain technology.

Java Weekly, Issue 187

This week was firing on all cylinders when it comes to new releases – the JDK, Spring, Hibernate and a number of other products good shiny new versions out.

Java Weekly, Issue 185

A full week of interesting articles, from upcoming Java 9 features to Hibernate and testing microservices. A good week.

Java Web Weekly, Issue 165

Upcoming Java 9 goodness, an ElasticSearch handy cheat-sheet and a cool example of evolving a mature framework. Good stuff all round this week.

Java Web Weekly, Issue 161

A packed week in the Java ecosystem, discussing some of the upcoming changes in Java 9 and potentially Java 10 as well.