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About Us

Baeldung is a learning and media company with a focus on the programming space. We’re a flexible, entirely remote team.


I’m looking for an experienced Java developer, optionally with knowledge of the Spring ecosystem – to help us brainstorm new topics for the site.

The process of brainstorming new topics is, at the core, a simple one – finding areas of the Java ecosystem to explain and explore here on the site (full example below).

But, there is still quite a bit of complexity in the details of finding good topics for Baeldung.

You’ll naturally get access to our internal topic research documentation and video library – so you can hit the ground running.

The Admin Details

– rate: 21$ / hour
– time commitment – part-time (3-5h/ week)

We’re a remote-first team and have always been so – basically, you’ll work and communicate entirely async and self-guided.


You can apply with a quick message (and a link to your LinkedIn profile), here, or over email: [email protected].

Best of luck,


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