This role is not currently open.


We’re looking for a Java developer with integration experience and minimal experience with Spring and Spring Boot. On the non-technical side, a good level of English is also important.

You're going to be working on existing and new applications, primarily focused on integrating with third-party APIs.

The rate for the role is 23$/h, and the time commitment 7-10h/a week.

The first step will be an evaluation process which consists of a few sample programming tasks estimated at 10h of work. The evaluation will, naturally, be fully paid at the standard rate of the job.

Then, if all goes well, we'll go forward with a longer-term engagement.


We're a remote-first team and have always been so – basically, you'll work and communicate entirely async and self-guided.


You can apply with a quick message (and a link to your LinkedIn profile), here, or by email: [email protected]

Best of luck,


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