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About Us

Baeldung is a learning and media company with a focus on the programming space. We’re a flexible, entirely remote team.


We are looking for a senior Java developer with solid Spring experience, to join and help guide the team as we work on maintaining the codebase behind Baeldung.

The role consists in reviewing the development team’s work on updating the existing posts on the site and improving the codebase. This means doing code reviews and providing technical guidance within the team, but also updating internal guidelines if needed. 

Skills and Requirements

A lot of our articles fall in the area of Spring development, but also other tools commonly used in Java back-end development.

Technical requirements:

  • deep knowledge of the main Spring modules (web, persistence, security, etc)
  • knowledge of popular Java libraries like JUnit, Mockito, Maven, Hibernate, etc
  • experience with development tools like Git, Jenkins, JIRA

Finally, on the non-technical side of things, a solid handle on the English language is a must.

The Admin Details

– rate: X$ / hour
– time commitment – part-time (7-10h/ week)

We’re a remote-first team and have always been so – basically, you’ll work and communicate entirely async and self-guided.


You can apply with a quick message (and a link to your LinkedIn profile), here, or over email: [email protected].

Please indicate you’re applying for the “Java Content Team Lead” position.

Best of luck,


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