The adoption numbers in the Java IDE ecosystem have always been interesting to watch.

So, this year, when I ran the regular Java and Spring survey, I decided to include the IDE question:

What is your main IDE?

And 2255 responses later – here's what the market share looks like for the major players:

It definitely is a tight race between Eclipse in IntelliJ – both of them effectively hold about half of the market.

What's even more interesting is understanding these numbers in the context of the ZeroTurnaround 2014 survey – which had a similar sample size – 2164 answers.

The 2014 data has Eclipse at a slightly higher market share – 52%, and IntelliJ at only 33% of market.

The trend is clear – Eclipse has been slowly shedding users, and IntelliJ IDEA has been picking up these users as well as a good chunk of the Netbeans and other numbers.

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