1. Overview and Criteria

There are several “Top Java Blogs” pages out there – but also a lot of noise.

Some of these blogs are abandoned with the last post a few years old, some have simply switched focused from Java to something else. Others are gone altogether.

This page is meant to an up to date view of the Java ecosystem.

In order for a blog/site to be listed, it needs to fit ALL of the following criteria:

  • Is Mostly About Java
  • Domain Authority > 35 (using the Open Site Explorer from Moz)
  • Alexa Rank < 500.000
  • Has Recent Activity (at least 10 relevant – Java – articles in the last 3 months)
  • More text than Ads on the page
  • Actually useful (in my view)

2. Top Java Websites (10 Sites)

>> InfoQ | Java

>> DZone

>> The Spring Blog

>> Baeldung // this site

>> Javaworld

>> Java Code Geeks

>> The Server Side

>> Jaxenter | Java

>> DeveloperWorks: Java technology

>> Voxxed

3. Top Java Developers Blogs (21 Blogs)

>> Mkyong

>> Vogella | Java

>> Java Specialists Newsletter

>> Javarevisited

>> Java Papers | Java

>> Stephen Colebourne’s blog

>> ProgramCreek

>> Bozho’s tech blog

>> jOOQ Blog | Java

>> Petri Kainulainen

>> NoBlogDefFound

>> Vlad Mihalcea’s Blog

>> CodeFX

>> Thought on Java

>> A Java Geek

>> Jenkov Tutorials

>> Adam Bien’s Weblog

>> Java2S | Java

>> How to do in Java

>> Inspired by Actual Events


4. Top Company Blogs (2 Sites)

>> Takipi Blog | Java

>> In Relation To


If you want to suggest a site/blog – feel free to add it in the comments.

Of course, please make sure it adheres to the requirements first.

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