The Coaching Program – Common Questions (and Answers)

Simply put, the program consists of 6 monthly group calls, where we can discuss both the course material but, much more often, your own applications and implementations. We typically go into architectural decisions, implementation approaches, security concerns, etc. 

I usually keep the coaching groups very small – 2-3 developers. 

The calls always run at 7 PM UTC/London time. 

And yes, of course, I'll reach out over email a week before, so that you have plenty of time to know exactly when the call is happening. There are, naturally, several other reminders. 

No student makes all 6 calls – that's absolutely fine.

First, keep in mind you can send me questions you'd like me to go into beforehand, and I'll go into them regardless of you being on the call live.

And, of course, you'll get access to the recording of the call afterwards.

Of course. The main goal of these calls is to help you build your API – so if a developer from your team needs to be on the call, it's perfectly fine if they join the live event.

Most Coaching students aren't native speakers. 

As long as your level of English is enough to ask technical questions, you should be perfectly fine. 

Simply put, after a few hundred students going through the Coaching program over the years, I've never seen any major language problems 🙂

You can ask whatever question you have in the Java ecosystem.

That being said, the best way to use the program is to guide your approach to solving problems, make decisions, get architectural reviews, etc.


If you have very specific, code-level questions, I'm happy to help but naturally, how much I can  help will depend on my own experience in using that particular library/framework.