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I just announced the new Learn Spring course, focused on the fundamentals of Spring 5 and Spring Boot 2:


This Case Study follows a new author through the creation of a small web application with Spring from the ground up.

The app helps users manage their posting to Reddit by scheduling Posts, determining the best times to post, re-trying posts when they’re not immediately performing well, etc.

1 >> Authenticating with Reddit OAuth2 and Spring Security

A quick introduction to how to authenticate your application with Spring Security and the Reddit OAuth2 API.

2 >> Post a Link to the Reddit API

A basic interaction with the Reddit API – posting a new Link, using Spring Security OAuth2.

3 >> Schedule Post to Reddit with Spring

How to build a simple Spring app to schedule, edit and delete Posts using the Reddit API.

4 >> First Round of Improvements to the Reddit Application

The reddit app in this case study is coming along and slowly starting to become usable.

5 >> Rate Limiting Access to the Reddit API

How to introduce rate limiting into an app when consuming an external API.

6 >> Make It Easy to Schedule to Reddit

Building a new feature into the case-study app – scheduling a post to Reddit from the RSS feed of a pre-defined site.

7 >> Retry to Submit to Reddit a Post Without Enough Traction

A new feature in the case-study Reddit app – delete and retry a Post that’s not getting traction early on.

8 >> Second Round of Improvements to the Reddit Application

The case study is moving along nicely with this second round of improvements and new functionality. We can now really fine-tune the delete-resubmit functionality.

9 >> Displaying Dates in the Timezone of the User

How to make the timezone configurable in the Reddit app and display all dates according to the timezone of the user.

10 >> Decoupling Registration from Login in the Reddit App

New basic registration flow and simple form-based login to replace the “Login and Register” via Reddit. The app now has a clean auth process all around.

11 >> Testing the API of the Reddit App

Basic API testing for the ever evolving Reddit Application.

12 >> Adding Roles and Privileges To the Reddit App

Simple Roles and Privileges added to the app, a scheduling limit for standard users and a basic admin screen.

13 >> Third Round of Improvements to the Reddit Application

Improving the Reddit app in the case study with: better tables, email notifications, simple voting rules and extra validation.

14 >> Entity To DTO Conversion for a Spring REST API

How to to simpler conversions from Entities to DTOs and back in a Spring REST API.

15 >> Preserve the History of Reddit Post Submissions

A significant improvement in the Reddit app case study – we’re not keeping track of the full history of actions for posts.

16 >> Fourth Round of Improvements to the Reddit Application

Improvements to the registration flow of the reddit app, converting the project to Boot, handling session timeout and disabling the user. Improvements galore.

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I just announced the new Learn Spring course, focused on the fundamentals of Spring 5 and Spring Boot 2:


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Liping Huang
Liping Huang

Genius, this is really a grate series of spring to build a real website.

Eugen Paraschiv

Hey Liping – I’m glad you like the series. Yes, it’s a comprehensive (and ongoing) case study about building a real-world app – one that I’m actually using now on a day to day basis. Thanks for letting me know it’s helpful. Cheers,