"Hey ! I'm Eugen - an engineer with a passion for teaching and building stuff on the web."

I've released the Spring 5 updates in "REST With Spring":


And, of course, the Spring Security 5 updates in "Learn Spring Security" are out as well: 


Now, I'm focused on the new course I just announced - "Learn Spring": 


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18 Responses to “About Baeldung”

  1. Francisco Martin

    Hello Baeldung, I am quite interested in your master class of REST with Spring. However we would like to get an access for the resources for all the engineering employees of the company that I work for. Do you have any kind of “Corporative access” for your courses, or we would need to purchase the course for each individual that need to access it?

  2. sandeep sannan

    i would like to get your mail id ..i hv some queries …and i would like to join for your courses on spring …
    can u please revert back to my mail id

  3. Rama R

    I am considering your spring security course, I suppose its not a live online class. Will you support us In case we need technical clarification on the course ? , do you use channel such as Slack or something similar for this ?

    • Eugen Paraschiv

      Hey Rama,
      Of course – I handle these questions by email – works better than Slack for this kind of in-depth discussion.

      • Rama R

        That sounds good, will probably register in next couple of days. Is it right to assume the Spring Security course is not yet released ?, as it says 20 July

  4. Les

    Hi, I’ve heard good things from a friend of mine enrolled in the security course. Can modules be purchased individually? I.e., if I purchase the starter module, would I be able to pay just for the 5 newer lessons in the intermediate module? Or would I basically have to pay for the 1st 5 lessons all over again?



    • Eugen Paraschiv

      Hey Les,
      First, I’m glad you heard good things 🙂
      Second – each of the higher tiers includes the lower tiers. So, the Intermediate Class includes the Starter Class and the Master Class includes both the Intermediate and the Starter.
      But from your questions, I think you’re mostly thinking of upgrading. The way I usually handle that is – I simply refund the lower tier when a student purchases the higher tier.
      Hope that clears things up. Cheers,

  5. Naveen Vangipurapu

    I am trying to send an email to you from the contact page but i am getting 404. I just have a question regarding bundle price for getting two courses together.

    • Eugen Paraschiv

      Hey Naveen – I’m looking into the problem with the contact page. Feel free to email me – simply replay to any email from me.

  6. Thomas Yuen

    Do you have material for SpringBoot filter and interceptor? I am picking up web app development using Spring in the last couple of years but I got confuse about the SpringBoot filters and interceptors. Thank you in advance.

    Best regards

    Thomas Yuen

  7. laurent

    Hi, I began to fill the registration for the rest master class course but i don’t find any information about vat number.

    If i register could you send me a invoice with all vat information filed ?

    Il live in belgium and i need it


    • Eugen Paraschiv

      Hey Laurent – that’s a good question – if you need VAT, we’ll have to go through Gumroad. Ping me over email and I’ll send you the direct link.

  8. M A J Jeyaseelan

    Unable to download the Ebook after registration and email confirmation. Any reason or is it one of those marketing tricks

    • Eugen Paraschiv

      Probably one of those marketing tricks I keep hearing about 🙂
      I’m kidding of course.
      After confirming, you should have received an “Welcome” email with a direct link to the eBook. Of course have a look in your Spam folder as well, if you’re not seeing that.