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Other than Java and Python, I’ve spent most of my time in Linux and Docker. During my free time, I like to dabble in new technologies in order to keep myself updated.

Java Software Developer and DevOps engineer from The Neterlands with 15+ years experience in developing enterprise web applications. Cloud enthousiast. World traveler and scuba diver.

I’ve experience working across different roles and technologies in the Financial Industry. Here, at Baeldung, I write mainly on Linux.

I am a Python developer with over 10 years of experience working with large software systems in a variety of industries. I have also 15 years of experience in Linux and I am a big fan of Raspberry pi.

Alex Tighe is a senior software engineer. He has a wide range of experience developing software for everything from experimental neuroscience to NASA satellite image processing to global investment banking software. In his free time, he enjoys reading, traveling, and building Lego sets.

A passionate developer with 18+ years of experience specialized in Full Stack Web Development, mainly in the Java ecosystem. Side-jobbing as a Technical Interviewer for Randstad/HiveJobs, R-Everse, and Reallyzation. StackOverflow Trusted User.

I’m a passionate and highly motivated Java developer, who really likes challenges and creative problem solving. I also like to automate common tasks and optimize them the best I can. I’m a fast-learner: I like studying new technologies and constantly applying my knowledge in practical situations. I strongly believe that good code has to be elegant and nice to look at, clean and well documented: this is my aim as a developer.

I’m a backend developer with an interest in big data analytics architectures and information security. I build backend systems and data analytics solutions on Linux-based cloud environments using open-source software. Also, I write technical articles on Baeldung, Hackernoon, and Medium.

I am devoted to continuously learning and improving as a software developer and sharing my experience with others in order to improve their expertise. I am also dedicated to personal and professional growth through diligent studying, discipline, and meaningful professional relationships. When not writing, I can be found playing hockey, watching the NJ Devils, reading, writing, or drawing. ~II Timothy 1:7~

Kai Yuan has been a software developer for over 15 years. He builds enterprise Java applications in work. He has 20 years experience of Linux and is a big fan of the Vim editor. He is happy to help people at He lives currently in Hamburg.

Gian Mario has spent over a decade in the software and technology sector. His experience spans Mobile-Oriented Architecture as well as Multi-Tenant Cloud Microservices and Software as a Service. Currently CTO of Hedging Beta Ltd, he continues to cultivate his passion for programming, while focusing on process analysis, scaling, tech strategy and R&D.

I am a software developer with five years of experience, specialized mostly in Java and related technologies. When I am not coding, I spend my time hiking, traveling, playing football.

Java Software Developer and DevOps engineer from The Neterlands with 15+ years experience in developing enterprise web applications. Cloud enthousiast. World traveler and scuba diver.

I love the open-source philosophy: share knowledge, share skills, improve yourself.


Sorin is a passionate Software Engineer with experience in telecoms and automotive industries. He’s particularly interested in computer networks and IoT. When he’s not hacking stuff, he enjoys playing football and traveling.

Jonathan has more than 10 years of experience as a Senior Software Engineer with a focus on Java. He is particularly passionate about testing and ensuring the quality of the systems he is responsible for. He has contributed to several open source projects and can now be found in Spain looking after the ESA science archives.

I’m an Electronics Engineer with about 10 years of industry experience working in Linux environments. I have extensive skills using Python, Git, Groovy (Jenkins), and the Linux shell. Knowledgeable about automation, DevOps, and testing methodologies.

I am a software developer specialising in java and related technologies. I have a strong desire to learn new technologies and take pleasure in helping others.

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Driven by self-improvement and self-sufficiency. Self-motivated and self-disciplined. Dependable. Minimalist perfectionist. Problem solver. Can work on and improve anything related to IT.