1. Introduction

In this tutorial, we’ll dive into what a peer is in a computer network. Firstly, we’ll define peers and look at what makes a peer. Lastly, we’ll look at some characteristics of peers.

2. Definitions

In a computer system, there is usually an interconnection of nodes or devices to enable communication. These nodes perform different functions and have different functions to enable smooth communication. In most cases, the devices in the network adopt a network topology. This is an arrangement of the devices and outlines how they interact with each other.

These interactions are governed by network protocols, which define a set of communication rules for participating devices. Now that we have covered some definitions, let’s look at peers.

3. What Is a Peer?

In simple terms, a peer is any device that participates in a network and has the same functionality as one or more devices in the network.

For example, suppose we have two computers with a printer connected to a network. Computers A and B are considered peers because they are all clients in this network. They both request printing services from the printer; hence they are equal in some sense:



4. Characteristics of Peers

Peers share similar functionalities or responsibilities. In our example network above, computer A and the printer cannot be peers because they do not share the same functionality.

In addition, peer nodes are usually connected on the same network, which makes communication between nodes seamless. Hence there is no need for “middle-man” devices. It is also worth noting that peer devices will usually run the same network protocols and have the same network topology. This is what enables communication between the devices.

The peer-to-peer network topology is based on this concept of peers. Devices in a network are connected together to communicate and share resources. These connected nodes share the same functions and responsibilities.

5. Conclusions

In this article, we’ve reviewed peers in a computer network. Peers are devices in a network that share the same functionality. In addition, peers are usually connected in the same network topology and protocols.

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