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I’m a Scala developer with a passion for coding. Likes new concepts, relies on production-proven solutions. Always keen to hear about interesting ideas. Team player, fast learner and coffee lover.

Computer Science addicted. Principal lecturer @ the University of Padua. Team Leader and Senior Software Developer @ XTN – Cognitive Security. Technical Blogger.

Scala Developer and functional programming enthusiast with lots of experience in building scalable web applications

I work as a Java/Scala engineer since 2015. My main focus is being up to date with new stuff while dodging nonsense. In my spare time, when I am not gaming or petting my cat I write about coding.

I am a Senior Software Engineer with extensive experience in working on backend systems, on-premise and cloud-based, with different programming languages, such as Scala, Java, NodeJS and related ecosystems. I also actively contribute to the Open Source Gerrit Code Review project.

I am a passionate Data Scientist / Big Data Engineer with a strong background in Software Development. My technical stacks include Python, Spark, Java, Scala, Cloudera.

Software Engineer with 8y experience in fascinating startups and scale-ups. Backend developer who worked with many different programming languages, but amazed with Scala for many years. Open Source Maintainer. Some days I work as a full stack developer. I play with many different technologies.

Herbert Kateu is an experienced software developer and co-founder of Xonal, he is very passionate about functional programming in Scala, and always keeps tabs on whats trending in the Scala ecosystem. When he is not programming he plays jazz guitar and takes his dog on walks.

I am a passionate software engineer from Ukraine with over 7 years of experience. I constantly learn and adapt to evolving technologies. While building software products is easier with numerous frameworks, the crucial aspect of creating reliable, extensible, and robust applications is a well-designed software architecture. I prioritize architecture design and enjoy exploring various approaches to create adaptable and future-proof software solutions.

I am a software developer with over a decade of experience in building complex systems. My passion for functional programming led me to specialize in Scala. I am always eager to learn new languages, libraries, and technologies to expand my knowledge and abilities. When I’m not coding, I love exploring new places and cultures through solo trips and walks, which helps me to unwind and recharge.

I have got a Master’s degree in Computer Science with a specialization in Machine learning & NLP. I’ve been working as a backend developer over the last 7 years. During this time, I worked on various healthcare projects. Currently, I’m learning Angular and the e-commerce domain. In my spare time, I love cricket, hiking & reading books.

A highly skilled, versatile, and seasoned Software Developer & Engineer, I have over 20 years of extensive industry experience across several countries on three continents, working with cutting-edge technologies and defining the future of software applications & solutions in a variety of settings.