I just announced the new Spring 5 modules in REST With Spring:


This tutorial series focuses on doing Persistence with Spring - illustrating examples with Hibernate, JPA and Spring Data.

1. Core Persistence

>> Hibernate 3 with Spring

Setup Hibernate 3 with Spring - the Java and XML Configuration, integration with MySQL and usage best practices.

>> Hibernate 4 with Spring

Setup Hibernate 4 with Spring - the Java and XML Configuration, how to use and best practices.

>> JPA with Spring

Setup JPA with Spring - the Java and XML Configuration, the Maven dependencies and a generic DAO example.

>> Persistence with Spring Data JPA

Spring Data JPA with Spring - how to remove the DAO implementation, manual and automatic custom queries, transactions with Spring Data and configuration.

2. The DAO

>> The DAO with Spring and Hibernate

Implement a generic DAO with Hibernate in Spring.

>> The DAO with JPA and Spring

How to implement the DAO with JPA in a Spring project.

>> Simplify the DAO with Spring and Java Generics

How to simplify the Data Access Layer by using a single, generified DAO, which will result in elegant data access, with no unnecessary clutter.

3. Advanced Persistence

>> Transaction Configuration with Spring 4 and JPA

Transaction Configuration with Spring 4 and JPA - how to Enable and Configure Transactions and set up Transaction Propagation.

>> Hibernate Mapping Exception – Unknown Entity

Hibernate Mapping Exception - Unknown Entity - causes and solutions.

>> Sorting with JPA

How to Sort in JPA using JQL or the Criteria API.

>> Sorting with Hibernate

Sort with Hibernate 4 using HQL or the Criteria API.

>> JPA Pagination

Pagination in JPA - how to use JQL and the Criteria API to do pagination correctly.

>> Hibernate Pagination

Pagination in Hibernate - using basic HQL, ScrollableResults as well as the more flexible and type-safe Criteria API.

>> Externalize Setup Data via CSV in a Spring Application

Learn how to use CSV files to hold the Setup data for a Spring web application, and how to fully load and persist that data from disk.

>> Use Liquibase to Safely Evolve Your Database Schema

How to use Liquibase to safely and maturely evolve the database schema of your Java app.

>> DynamoDB in a Spring Boot Application Using Spring Data

A step by step tutorial on integrating DynamoDB in Spring Boot application using Spring Data DynamoDB.

>> Introduction to Liquibase Rollback

Look into the rollback feature – and how we can undo a Liquibase operation.

>> Database Migrations with Flyway

This article describes key concepts of Flyway and how we can use this framework to continuously remodel our application's database schema reliably and easily.

>> Auditing with JPA, Hibernate, and Spring Data JPA

This article demonstrates three approaches to introducing auditing into an application: JPA, Hibernate Envers, and Spring Data JPA.

4. Spring Data MongoDB

>> Introduction to Spring Data MongoDB

A solid intro to using MongoDB in with Spring Data.

>> A Guide to Queries in Spring Data MongoDB

How to Query MongoDB with Spring Data: Query and Criteria, auto-generated repository methods, raw queries with the @Query annotation as well as QueryDSL.

>> Spring Data MongoDB – Indexes, Annotations and Converters

How to work with Indexes, Converters and Common Annotations in Spring Data MongoDB.

>> Custom Cascading in Spring Data MongoDB

How to implement a solid, generic cascading mechanism with lifecycle events in Spring Data MongoDB.

Other Spring Tutorials

>> The REST with Spring Tutorial

How to build REST Services with Spring

>> Spring Exceptions Tutorial

Some of the most common exceptions in Spring with examples – why they occur and how to solve them quickly

The entire tutorial in based on this github project. Watch and fork it at will - the project can be used as a starting point for a full fledged implementation.

I just announced the new Spring 5 modules in REST With Spring:


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Thank you so much for putting it all up at once place.

Gaurav Dighe
Gaurav Dighe

Hello, Can you plz publish pdf for Spring4 with Spring-Data-JPA.

Bogdan Adrian
Bogdan Adrian

Hello, do you have something spring mvc and hibernate?

Eugen Paraschiv

Hey Bogdan,
Spring MVC and Hibernate are different concerns, so I generally didn’t cover them in the same article, but independently.
However, if you’re looking for a template project to start from, you can have a look at the Registration series.
Hope that helps. Cheers,