The new Certification Class of REST With Spring is out:


A mature REST API can be a lot of work, and publishing Resources in a flexible way is usually a balancing act.

On the one hand, you want to allow the client to search for information in many flexible ways. On the other hand, you don’t want to implement too many operations.

A Search/Query Language for the API makes the most sense – it allows for a single, clean operation while still opening up the API for powerful searching.

>> REST Query Language with Spring and JPA Criteria

Explores the implementation of the Query Language using JPA Criteria for the persistence layer.

>> REST Query Language with Spring Data JPA Specifications

Explores Spring Data JPA Specifications for the persistence layer of the Query Language.

>> REST Query Language with Spring Data JPA and QueryDSL

Next – the persistence layer is implemented using QueryDSL.

>> REST Query Language – Advanced Search Operations

Additional, more advanced operations added to the Query Language of the API.

>> REST Query Language with RSQL

Finally, instead of a custom Query Language, we’re going to use Feed Item Query Language (FIQL) and its super-set – RSQL.

>> REST Query Language with Querydsl Web Support

A quick intro to the web support in Spring Data JPA Querydsl and how to easily set that up within a REST API.

Go deeper into building a REST API with Spring: