Most Popular Articles of 2013

As the year winds down, I did a quick scan of my Google Analytics to see which were the most popular articles of 2013 – here goes:

1. Error Handling for REST with Spring 3 (16,293 views)

2. Spring Security Authentication Provider (6,684 views)

3. Hibernate 4 with Spring (5,872 views)

4. Spring Security Session Management (5,280 views)

5. Spring RequestMapping (5,155 views)

6. ETags for REST with Spring (4,898 views)

7. Spring Security Form Login (4,188 views)

8. Spring with Maven (4,138 views)

9. Spring Security with Maven (3,532 views)

10. Spring Security Logout (3,159 views)

Looks like 2013 was the year of Spring on Baeldung – which is cool to see.

To be clear – these are articles written in 2013 – overall, the most popular articles are still some of my older ones.

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