Investing in the course - the bullet-points

​Quick - Learning as Needed

  • A developer can't usually take a week off - to go through a course
  • A main goal of the material is to not have to go through everything right away
  • Instead, students can jump in and out - and only focus on the things they actually need to learn and implement now

A Practical - Real-World Project

  • All lessons are built on a practical, real-world codebase
  • The goal is to teach you how to immediately apply what you learn to your own application
  • You'll quickly move beyond the starting point of a new project and into actually working on a mature, established codebase

Get Practice Quickly 

  • Learning Spring and building an API from blog posts, StackOverflow and other online resources works fine - but it's super slow
  • The course cuts through all of that - and gets you into practical aspects quickly, on a project where you'll do some actual coding
  • Simply put, the goal I have with the course is to fast-track developers from a basic understanding to the kind of command over Spring that a lead engineer has

​Immediate Impact

  • Spring can be quite powerful, if you learn how to use it to it's full potential
  • There's a huge difference between having a few years of experience, and having full command over the framework
  • Simply put, that's the goal of the course - turn the typical "day-long research phase" - into watching a 10 minute lesson

​About the Author

I've been working in the Java ecosystem for over 10 years now, and teaching Spring for almost as long. I've taught hundreds of students live and now many more thousands through my courses. 

And, of course, I still have my hands into actual development every day, working as an Architect and consultant.