Working with Partners on Baeldung

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1. Working with Partners

We have four options of working with a partner:
  • Ads: Ad placements on the site
  • Email:
    • in the Java Weekly newsletter or
    • in a dedicated, full-list email or
    • in a targeted full send
  • Articles: a partner article or series of articles
  • Native Integrations: dedicated sections or blurbs embedded into existing articles

2. Details

2.1. On Ads

An ads campaign is generally pretty straightforward, as we’re using a programmatic ads platform that ties into GAM. 

Ads can either be site-wide, or more targeted (by content area, or geography). 

Out of most of our channels, this one typically scales the best, given the traffic levels of the site.  

The only real requirement here is a good ad creative.

2.2. On Email

An email campaign can be composed of:

  • The Java Weekly Email
    • the partner message is included in the Java Weekly dedicated email
    • the email is sent out to 66K readers and will get around 700+ clicks
  • The Dedicated Email
    • the email is entirely dedicated to the partner message and has no other focus
    • the email is sent out to the full list (127K) and will get about 1800+ clicks
  • The Dedicated Targeted Email
    • the email is also entirely dedicated to the partner message and has no other focus
    • the email is sent out to a targeted segment of the full list (usually about 40K) and will get about 1300+ clicks
2.3. On Articles

A content campaign is focused on writing one or multiple technical articles, to be published and promoted on the site.  

The articles need to be purely technical, as marketing doesn’t really make sense for a deeply technical audience.  

We generally assign these to Level 15+ authors on the platform – meaning authors that are quite experienced and established. 

Most technical articles will be in the 1250-1500 range, so we’ll use that as our reference unless you’d like to go for longer writeups. 

Once published, these articles are naturally promoted through our standard channels, as well as internally on the site. 

Timelines for fully producing an article vary, but as a general interval, the entire process for the first article will be around the 6-weeks mark, and then, each article in the series will take about 4 weeks. 

2.4. On Native Integrations

A native product integration is an editorially-driven addition to an existing article or a cluster of articles. 

This is focused on organically adding info about the product in each article, either at the start, end, or inside the content. 

We usually approach native integrations with extreme targeting in mind – meaning, we do them on articles that have a very strong match with the product/service of partner. 

3. Budgets and Financial info

3.1. Ads

To keep things simple, we’re using the typical CPM-based pricing model – with a 0.95$ CPM up to 1.15$ CPM with targeting – geographical or by content.

The budget for an initial campaign typically starts at 3K

3.2. Email

Java Weekly

The budget of a Java Weekly send is 1.5K (+with copy fully created by us: +$150).

Full/Dedicated Send

The budget of a full send is 4K (+with copy fully created by us: +$350).

A dedicated targeted send is potentially available as well, if we have a relevant segment internally.

Details of Email Campaigns

We work on the copy in one of the two ways:

  • fully created by us
  • with a first draft created by the partner

When the copy is fully created by us, the budget for the send is slightly higher.

All our email-focused campaigns are structured around multiple sends – these always perform better with multiple exposures.

The budget for an initial email-focused campaign typically starts at 4.5K.

3.3. Article

In terms of budgets, these are naturally based on the length/complexity of the article:

  • small writeup (~750 w) – 2.5K
  • medium writeup (~1000 w) – 2.9K
  • large writeup (1250+ w) – 3.2K
  • pillar content (1500+ w) – 3.5K
 Naturally, the budget is lower if the author working with our editorial staff is from the partners team. 


If the campaign is focused on a single-article, there usually is a separate onboarding budget – we're allocating that directly to the author to give then the space to learn the product/service before writing about it.

3.4. Native Integrations

The budget depends on a single factor – the traffic of the article where we're adding the section. More concretely, the budget varies from 4$ to 9$ / 1K impressions.

So, for example, let's say we use 7$ / 1K impressions, and we integrate the section into an article that sees 10K pageviews/month.

And, let's say we're going to have the campaign active for 6 months.

In this example campaign – we're going to be serving 60K pageviews, and so the budget will be 420$ overall.

4. Examples

4.1. Ads

On the technical details for the ads – a good place to start is usually the most commonly used ad sizes

So, to sum up, these would be examples in this order:

300×250 – Medium rectangle 

728×90 – Leaderboard 

160×600 – Wide Skyscraper

300×600 – Halfpage

970×90 – Large Leaderboard

336×280 – Large rectangle

4.2. Email
4.3. Article

Here's are a couple of quick examples of what a series looks like – DatastaxActivitiFauna

4.4. Native Integrations

Some examples of Native Integrations could be seen on the pages of different categories:


Frontegg – Security Category

Lightrun – Spring Category

JPA Buddy – Persistence Category

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