Java Web Weekly, Issue 149

This week was focused on Java 9, new Spring Cloud goodness and finally getting Guava 20. Good stuff all ’round.

Java Web Weekly 112

An interesting week with JUnit finally moving forward, new Hibernate documentation and some reactor updates in the Spring ecosystem.

Java Web Weekly 52

A busy holiday week for the whole Java ecosystem – an alternative to the deprecation JEP, lots of good talks and an intelligent writeup about giving advice.

Spring JDBC

Introduction to the Spring JDBC abstraction, with example on how to use the JbdcTempalte and NamedParameterJdbcTemplate APIs.

Spring Profiles

How to define and use Profiles in Spring. The 4 ways to enable profiles and their precedence. And a real-world example using profiles.

Hibernate 3 with Spring

Setup Hibernate 3 with Spring – the Java and XML Configuration, integration with MySQL and usage best practices.