Java Weekly, Issue 327

A preview of Kubernetes support coming to Spring Boot 2.3, and a handful of Google Cloud tools to help you build and deploy Spring Boot microservices.

The State of Java in 2019

Java 8 is still the king, Kotlin is growing like crazy and Spring is almost equivalent to Spring Boot now. The 2019 “State of Java” survey results are out!

Java Weekly, Issue 289

A new explore-the-project option is available on Spring Initializr, and a guide to making Kotlin code easier to read through the use of scope functions.

Java Weekly, Issue 274

A great write-up on controlling test execution order in JUnit 5, and some really solid advice from a veteran conference speaker.

Java Weekly, Issue 263

A new series from Spring on integrating Boot apps with Microsoft Azure, and a quick guide on how to run tests individually and in groups with TestProject.