When Does JPA Set the Primary Key

Learn about the different strategies JPA uses to generate the primary key for an entity and at which moment each strategy sets the key value during persistence.

Java Weekly, Issue 327

A preview of Kubernetes support coming to Spring Boot 2.3, and a handful of Google Cloud tools to help you build and deploy Spring Boot microservices.

The State of Java in 2019

Java 8 is still the king, Kotlin is growing like crazy and Spring is almost equivalent to Spring Boot now. The 2019 “State of Java” survey results are out!

Java Weekly, Issue 289

A new explore-the-project option is available on Spring Initializr, and a guide to making Kotlin code easier to read through the use of scope functions.

Java Weekly, Issue 274

A great write-up on controlling test execution order in JUnit 5, and some really solid advice from a veteran conference speaker.