Java Weekly, Issue 384

Superior Java records, Kotlin 1.5, code examples in Javadoc, stream collector, Spring Cloud Gateway meets K8S, indexing JSON columns, and COIVD predictions!

Java Weekly, Issue 375

Deserialization events in JFR, more efficient G1, native images, Scala 3, pattern matching for primitives, merge join algorithm, and effective communication.

Java Weekly, Issue 364

The one with performance: HotSpot JVM intrinsics, AppCDS with jLink, gRPC meets Kotlin, Maven’s speed daemon, JDBC’s statement caching, and Apple’s M1!

Java Weekly, Issue 356

Tale of legendary duos: Shenandoah and Java 11, Unix sockets and Java 16, TestContainers and JPA, and finally Distributed Tracing and Netflix!

Java Weekly, Issue 345

Microsoft continues to contribute to the Java ecosystem with new the OpenJDK for ARM and JMS over AMQP. Also, Patterns to manage distributed systems and finally, working effectively from home!

When Does JPA Set the Primary Key

Learn about the different strategies JPA uses to generate the primary key for an entity and at which moment each strategy sets the key value during persistence.