Java Weekly, Issue 322

A solid overview of the Quarkus container-first framework for Java, and Spring Core Framework has a couple of new releases.

Java Weekly, Issue 309

An intro to the Lambda DSL for Spring Security, and a quick technical overview of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which takes effect January 1.

Java Weekly, Issue 307

A look at the MultipleBagFetchException in Hibernate, and a tutorial on externalizing Spring Boot configuration properties.

Java Weekly, Issue 304

An under-the-hood look at Project Valhalla’s prototype for inline classes in Java, and an overview of Spring Cloud Stream’s functional and reactive support.

Java Weekly, Issue 299

A guide to the new Java 13 language features, API improvements, and JVM enhancements, plus a promising new series on enterprise testing efficiency.

Spring Cloud Tutorial

Learn Spring Cloud including concepts, additional libraries and examples for distributed systems.

Java Weekly, Issue 295

A guide to creating secure services using Spring Cloud Gateway, and a cool presentation on Serverless Java.

Java Weekly, Issue 288

A quick implementation of an API gateway and service discovery using Spring Cloud Gateway and Spring Cloud Netflix Eureka Server.

Java Weekly, Issue 286

A new series on Spring Cloud Gateway kicks off, and a good write-up on the opposite nature of objects and data structures.

Java Weekly, Issue 235

A wide range of topics in the Java ecosystem, from speeding up JPA associations to distributed tracing, and a peek at the evolution of value types. A good week.

Java Weekly, Issue 217

A monster installment this week, with a lot of solid writeups. Lots of reading material for the weekend.

Java Weekly, Issue 205

Surprisingly, not much Java 9 but JUnit 5, a cool writeup about monads, and some good musings about software developer’s career.