This is a deep-dive into your OAuth2 implementation – which means one of two things. 

Either you're already doing OAuth with Spring Security, you're past the basics and you need to make sure your approach and implementation are going in the right direction. 

Here, I generally do a deep-dive to understand the current implementation and your overall security strategy. I'll then provide feedback, code-level guidance, along with a plan to move forward. 

Or your OAuth implementation hasn't yet reached production. That's, of course, the ideal point to work with me, because we're still early enough to shape both the higher-level strategy as well as the details of the implementation. 

I'll work with the team to first define the high-level approach to OAuth and then put together a clear and detailed plan for how to use Spring Security to get there.

Either way, my focus here is getting your OAuth solution with Spring Security implemented well, and making sure your team is fully able to handle working on it afterwards. 

OAuth Deep-Dive Engagement Budget: 10000$

Schedule an Engagement

I schedule this engagement at least 3 weeks in advance, potentially more – depending on my availability. 

Most of my consulting work starts with a call – so feel free to get in touch with me and tell me about your project. 


My Standard Consulting

If you're looking for my short, focused engagement packagesyou can find these here

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