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I’m an ex professional software developer currently on a pseudo-sabbatical. I contribute to and author several open source projects including web frameworks and programming languages. I also engage in activism against discriminations of various kinds.

I’m a software engineer who has been building enterprise systems and mobile apps since 2012 using modern programming platforms such as Spring MVC, ASP.NET, PHP, Android, iOS, etc. I passionate about learning, implementing new technologies and sharing them with others.

It has been almost fifteen years when I started programming and my love for it does not seem to fade at all. I have worked upon core Java, Spring projects to enterprise solutions like commerce and digital platforms. I love learning new features, languages, algorithms, libraries, basically whatever can make the journey fun!

Anirban is a software engineer with over 6 years of experience. He holds a master’s degree in Distributed Systems from TU Darmstadt, Germany. He mainly specializes in backend development using Java, Kotlin, and Spring framework. He is particularly enthusiastic about clean code, microservices, and cloud solutions. He is always interested in learning new technologies and the best practices in the industry. Personally, he is a football fan and loves traveling.

I am a software developer with more than five years of experience in IT. I have a solid background in theoretical physics and I consider programming languages as a tool to solve the problems. Currently, I’m interested in creating web and Android applications using Java and Kotlin. Machine learning is another topic that interests me a lot.

Has a BSc in Chemical Engineering and MSc in Information Technology. Except for the major change, nothing else has changed, still, a computer geek who is passionate about all aspects of software engineering looks for elegant and possibly new solutions, eager to learn and hopefully help fellow software geeks to do so.

Dhawal is an experienced software developer working primarily in the Java and Spring ecosystem. He is passionate about upcoming technologies in diverse domains. He is currently exploring his new interest in contributing to open source projects and writing technical articles at Baeldung.

Sam is a software developer from Oxford, currently working in the bioinformatics field. Sam’s areas of expertise are in all things Java, and spends his days writing multi-threaded analysis tools for biology research. He is an enthusiastic programmer, writer, and enjoys learning about new technologies. When he’s not at his desk you can find him on a climbing wall, watching Netflix or attempting to gym.


I am a full-stack JEE developer with 8 years of experience. Seasoned in technologies like Grails & Groovy, Spring, and Hibernate with various domains. You can discover my technical content here at Baeldung or on

I’m a Java Software Developer with 12 years experience in the financial industry. I like clean coding, learning new languages (both programming and natural languages) and reading about and understanding algorithms. My main focus is Java, Java EE, Spring, Databases and Kotlin.


Motivated Software Engineer with excellent technical, leadership and planning abilities focused on delivering high-quality, scalable and well-tested softwares. Train and encourage team members to improve and to contribute more effectively.

Kai Yuan has been a software developer for over 15 years. He builds enterprise Java applications in work. He has 20 years experience of Linux and is a big fan of the Vim editor. He is happy to help people at He lives currently in Hamburg.

A customer-focused, backend developer with a passion to learn new and to share the knowledge. Work with enterprise applications.

I’m a software developer with more than ten years of experience. On daily basis working with Java and Kotlin. Focused on quality from many perspectives.