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This page covers what we know so far about Java 9 – a collection of News and Articles keeping track of development as it unfolds.

I will keep this page updated with new resources as they’re created (and as I find them).

Schedule (new)

2017/01/05 Rampdown Start
2017/02/09 All Tests Run
2017/02/16 Zero Bug Bounce
2017/03/16 Rampdown Phase 2
2017/07/06 Final Release Candidate
2017/09/21 General Availability



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Robert James Liguori
Anil Pan
Anil Pan

Can we run Spring 4.x and Spring 5.x with JDK 9 without any additional configuration?

If we need to do any extra configuration, what are the steps?

Can you point any very recent article (detailed one) related to Spring x.x and JDK 9

Grzegorz Piwowarek

No, we do not have anything regarding Java 9 and Spring yet. In theory, everything should work fine but, as always, it will take some time for libraries to adjust to the new release.

Anil Pan
Anil Pan

Thanks for the reply.
A detailed article on making Spring work with Java 9 will much appreciated even at this early stage of Java 9


I have changed domain name from to, Please update link in your reference as I will be shutting down old domain in few days


Grzegorz Piwowarek

Thanks for the update, we updated the link 🙂