Why did I write this page?

I've been writing and working in the Java community for over a decade now. Baeldung itself is now 7, and I've received questions from readers from the very beginning.

In the first several years, I had a “no email left behind” policy. I answered every email I got, ran the code, debugged through tests, and basically tried to help as much as I could.

Now, however, as the site has grown – I simply get far too much email to be able to answer everyone in-depth. As much as I want to help, there's literally not enough time in the day – which is why I wrote this quick page here.


Where and How to ask?

In the case of technical, code-focused questions, the best way to ask is via StackOverflow. That's a community built specifically for these kinds of questions.

They have clear and strict guidelines (worth reading, not just skimming) on everything from how to structure the question, how much or how little detail to provide, how to structure code, etc.

And, to be clear – it takes work to ask a good technical question. Most of the questions I see are unnecessarily complex, or simply unfocused.

So, after you structure your question/code and post it there, if the question is directly related to an article on the site – feel free to follow up over email with the link. As I mentioned, I can't promise an answer, but if I can help, I generally try to.


What I always answer directly?

Finally, I do still answer questions directly related to articles on the site. So, if your question is strictly related to an article, feel free to send that over – and I'll, of course, try to help.

And, of course, if you're a student in one of my courses – feel free to ping me with any course-related questions.

Hope that all makes sense. Cheers,