Low-Bandwidth Consulting Engagements


I typically work with Java teams building web applications with the Spring framework. 

We'll focus on architectural guidance, spikes and proof of concepts, adoption of new technologies, planning and estimating features, etc.  

Over time, I saw I can best help focused, agile teams bringing a single product to market.


The bullet-points: 

  • Architectural Review of the codebase
  • Code Review of specific features
  • Guidance on the implementation of a feature
  • Guidance on the technical stack
  • Technical advice, planning and roadmapping
  • Live kick-off/wrap-up calls with the team or lead developer
  • Live Calls/Pair Programming with the team as needed

To keep things as efficient as possible, I typically create in-depth screencasts to dive into specific topics, to record debugging sessions or code reviews.

I also pair with developers on the team, or have live calls to work through the more complex areas of the system. 


The style of communication here depends on what the team uses internally; that can be email, Slack, JIRA or something else.  

Engagement Budget: 10000$

Typical Engagement Time: 1 month


Reaching Out

I schedule all engagements at least 3 weeks in advance, potentially more – depending on my availability. 

Note that I only take on a single client at any one time. 


Most of my consulting work starts with questions about your project, and then a call – to see if I can help.

So feel free to get in touch with me and tell me about your project. 


If you're looking for my focused, higher-bandwidth type of engagementyou can find that here

Finally, if you're specifically looking for my OAuth deep-dive, here's how I can help