Java Web Weekly, Issue 160

Lots of good reactive talks, upcoming stream improvements in Java 10 and a comprehensive guide to JPQL. A good week all in all. >>>

Java Web Weekly, Issue 158

Starting the year strong with some cool Spring 5 news, lots of Spring Boot and a couple of solid writeups about building a career in the Java ecosystem. >>>

Java Web Weekly, Issue 157

A solid last review of 2016 – focused on the Java EE report from Gartner and the new survey results, a further look at reactive and a good intro to technical debt. >>>

Java Web Weekly, Issue 154

An packed week with solid talks on Java 9 and of course the upcoming Spring reactive stuff, microservices and tracing requests through a distributed system. >>>

Java Web Weekly, Issue 153

Reactive is slowly becoming mainstream (both in and outside of Spring), proper logging is more important than ever and AWS is launching a host of new instance types. >>>

Java Web Weekly, Issue 152

This week we’re talking about the JCP, the ELK stack and missing features in the Java streams implementation. Plus a host a fantastic talks. >>>

Java Web Weekly, Issue 151

Looking beyond Java 9, going back to basics with value objects and developer productivity. Overall, an interesting and diverse week. >>>

Java Web Weekly, Issue 150

Lots of great releases in the Spring ecosystem, a look at the performance improvements in Java 9 and some job negotiation advice that could make a difference. >>>

Java Web Weekly, Issue 146

This week is all about Hibernate it seems, with some great JavaOne roundups and talks and a solid writeup on microservices. >>>