Java Web Weekly, Issue 176

An eventful week in the Java ecosystem, with the negative vote for Jigsaw and lots of solid writeups about Java 9 and the upcoming Spring 5. >>>

Java Web Weekly, Issue 172

A rather quick review this week, but definitely full of interesting reads, starting with the impact of Java 9 on some tools to the performance of logging frameworks. >>>

Java Web Weekly, Issue 170

A quick review this week, with some very interesting writeups, from the deprecation of finalization in Java to a balanced way to look at the modularization of a system. >>>

Java Web Weekly, Issue 169

A diverse week starting with Java 9, through a look at the Open-Closed principle and finishing up with a fantastic review of browser caching. >>>

Java Web Weekly, Issue 167

Lots of Spring releases this week, along with some solid Java 9 articles looking at what’s coming (very soon) with that release. A diverse and solid week. >>>

Java Web Weekly, Issue 165

Upcoming Java 9 goodness, an ElasticSearch handy cheat-sheet and a cool example of evolving a mature framework. Good stuff all round this week. >>>

Java Web Weekly, Issue 164

From signing a Spring Boot jar to a new multi-release jar feature in Java 9 – with a short stop to look at some solid habits developers should work on – a great week. >>>

Java Web Weekly, Issue 163

Quite a full week in the Java ecosystem – starting with a hands-on guide on the upcoming module system, improvements to the new Time APIs and news about MicroProfile. >>>

Java Web Weekly, Issue 162

Java 9 is starting to squash bugs, Spring Data gets a new release along with support for Cassandra 3 support and we’re discussing the Elvis operator for Java. >>>