Java Weekly, Issue 190

Kotlin and Clojure are picking up steam, Gatling is definitely both cool and useful, and developers understanding the business is, as always, key. A good week. >>>

Java Weekly, Issue 189

This week was focused on the functional paradigm that’s making its way to both the Java and Spring ecosystem. >>>

Java Weekly, Issue 187

This week was firing on all cylinders when it comes to new releases – the JDK, Spring, Hibernate and a number of other products good shiny new versions out. >>>

Java Weekly, Issue 186

A solid, forward looking week, now that Java 9 is around the corner, but also looking back at some forgotten Java features, such as labels. >>>

Java Weekly, Issue 185

A full week of interesting articles, from upcoming Java 9 features to Hibernate and testing microservices. A good week. >>>

Java Weekly, Issue 184

Some interesting writeups this week, from deep-dives into the Stream API to the new JPA 2.2, Hibernate and the new Spring Boot Admin dashboard. >>>

Java Weekly, Issue 183

An interesting Java Weekly, starting with the new Java 9 modularity vote (it passed), through Kotlin and technical debt in a project. A good week overall. >>>

Java Weekly, Issue 182

A solid week, starting with a number of significant Spring milestones, the Servlet 4 spec (finally) and an interesting intro to Gatling. >>>

Java Web Weekly, Issue 180

New immutable collections in Java, a look at caching and CDNs, and a very interesting discussion about microservices and decomposition. Really solid week. >>>

Java Web Weekly, Issue 179

Definitely some interesting writeups this week, all about building microservice architectures, managing an organization well as the CIO, and doing work on legacy code. >>>

Java Web Weekly, Issue 178

A light week with some fantastic writeups, from the No vote for Jigsaw, on to Hibernate with PostgreSQL, to a deep dive into the disadvantages of microservice architecture. >>>

Java Web Weekly, Issue 177

An eventful week after the Jigsaw vote, lots of new stuff on the horizon and of course my releases of the new Certification classes. >>>