Java Weekly, Issue 205

Surprisingly, not much Java 9 but JUnit 5, a cool writeup about monads, and some good musings about software developer’s career. >>>

Java Weekly, Issue 202

We’re starting to talk about Java 10, Spring Boot 2 is almost here, and Hibernate is just as popular. An interesting week in the Java ecosystem. >>>

Java Weekly, Issue 201

This week – among others – more Java 9, upcoming Java features, and benchmarking Bean Validation implementations. >>>

Java Weekly, Issue 200

Unsurprisingly, a lot of Java 9 this week, a JMH introduction, Spring Cloud, and a bit of Hibernate. Oh, and we’re at issue 200 🙂 >>>

Java Weekly, Issue 199

This week was focused on migration guides (Java 9, Microservices). Also, some interesting presentations on RxJava and the blockchain technology. >>>

Java Weekly, Issue 198

Java 9 is out in the wild, JUnit 5 is going strong and builds need to be as immutable as possible. A good week overall. >>>

Java Weekly, Issue 197

Naturally, a lot of Java-9-related write-ups, Spring 5 is finally out, and a cool article about heritage being a justification for weirdest technical decisions. >>>

Java Weekly, Issue 196

This week, naturally, some Java 9 but also an interesting Java performance analysis, new security protocol, and a new Hibernate-related open-source project. >>>

Java Weekly, Issue 194

A solid week, starting with writing the first test cases using JUnit 5, RxJava tips, multiple Java EE updates, and an interesting guide to NoSQL. >>>

Java Weekly, Issue 193

Lots of interesting writeups on Java 9 this week. Here we go… 1. Spring and Java >> Java to Move to 6-Monthly Release Cadence [] Moving forward, Java will be released twice a year. This is a big step, which should make it possible to constantly introduce new, smaller features without waiting for the completion […] >>>

Java Weekly, Issue 191

A full week both with the new launch I’m running, but also some very interesting stuff happening in the Java EE ecosystem. >>>