Java Weekly, Issue 220

Here we go… 1. Spring and Java >> Monitor and troubleshoot Java applications and services with Datadog Optimize performance with end-to-end tracing and out-of-the-box support for popular Java frameworks, application servers, and databases. Try it free. >> Testing auto-configurations with Spring Boot 2.0 [] Cool – Spring Boot 2.0 provides a suite of new test […] >>>

Java Weekly, Issue 219

A quick review, chock-full of interesting Spring talks and writeups, along with a look forward towards Java 10. Really good stuff this week. >>>

Java Weekly, Issue 218

This week, more and more Java 10 (as the release approaches), Spring Boot 2.0 going GA, and an interesting write-up about why we should NOT specialize in particular technical stacks (at least from a high-level point of view). >>>

Java Weekly, Issue 216

This week, Spring Cloud Contract in practice, Java 9 and Reactive Streams and a comprehensive article about traffic shadowing. >>>

Java Weekly, Issue 215

A strong week, lots of forward-looking articles about where Java is going, and the very first sponsor I accepted in the Java Weekly after almost 4 years of publishing 🙂 >>>

Java Weekly, Issue 214

This week, next-generation OAuth 2.0 support in Spring, JPA 2.2. updates, and an interesting write-up about software developers as craftmanships. >>>

Java Weekly, Issue 213

This week, implementing Post/Redirect/Get pattern in Servlet API, migration from Dropwizard Metrics to Micrometer, and some cool insights in how code analysis in IntelliJ IDEA works. >>>

Java Weekly, Issue 212

This week no common theme – an interesting dive into monitoring reactive applications, Kotlin DSLs, and a comprehensive explanation why Microservices aren’t the universal solution. >>>

Java Weekly, Issue 211

This week, some Hibernate tips, new Java Champions announced, and a cool write-up about transitioning from a generalist to a specialist. >>>

Java Weekly, Issue 210

This week, a quick installment with some interesting guides on Microservices, Ethereum, and some Hibernate basics. >>>

Java Weekly, Issue 209

No common theme this week: core Java, JUnit, and an interesting reminder why we shouldn’t grant users more privileges than needed. >>>

Java Weekly, Issue 208

This week Java 9 with Maven, some interesting Java performance tips and a cool write-up about side-jobs for developers. >>>

Java Weekly, Issue 207

This week, a lot of Java 9, reports from SpringOne, and a cool comparison of Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes. >>>